Atomic Brawl Press Kit


Atomic Brawl is a free-to-play collectable strategy game where you use wit and skill to battle against friends and strangers online. Set on a hex-based board, you take turns deploying and moving brawlers, using special items and attacking enemies while attempting to destroy your opponent's core. As you play games, you earn cards to add to your collection and coins to unlock new cores and cards. You can create custom decks to try creative strategies and move up in the ranks. Do you have what it takes to be an Atomic Brawler??


  • Original artwork and sound – distinctive art style and sound effects with a whimsical nature
  • Hex-based tactical combat – deep turn-based gameplay that involves not only the cards you play but also the positions you play them in
  • Hidden traps – place traps to derail your opponent and defend your core
  • 180 unique cards to collect – deploy brawlers, structures, traps and special items with a wide variety of unique abilities
  • Generously free-to-play – no paywalls; all content can be earned for free!
  • Build decks – try countless strategies using your core as a focal point
  • Play at your leisure – play in real time or over multiple days
  • Single-player puzzles – challenges to cook your noodle
  • Cross-platform – no installation required, play on any browser or mobile device!


In April 2011, Chris and Ken (friends and game industry veterans who met while working at Electronic Arts) had a vision of an online CCG with a quirky tactical twist. They set out on a mission to turn that game into reality, refining paper prototypes and code until they had something they were proud of. Self-funded, they founded Burger Function Games in June 2012, and launched a private beta with 100 rabid players that crunched out thousands of games and found countless bugs. After extensive content creation and balancing, Atomic Brawl was publicly released in September 2013.


Awesome turn-based hexagonal strategy game... Feels like Magic: The Gathering meets the internet. Andreas C. Osowski
This game rocks! It's got strategy, humor, a great community and a ton of variety. I picked it up a few weeks ago and have been playing pretty much non-stop since then. The potential for addiction is high with this one, so be careful :) Paul Ridley
This is kind of the best thing on the internet right now. I'm frequently caught screaming at the screen, alone in my apartment: "TAR PIT? @!*$ YOU, tar pit!" Steven Luscher

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