The free multiplayer game of strategy, collection, and jack-assery.


Gather cards, craft your deck

Gain new cards from playing games or buy them with in-game currency. There's 180 different cards to collect and an infinite number of deck combinations to try.


Pit your deck against others

Brawl it out in turn-based mayhem against your friends, or random hooligans online. Take your game with you, from your PC to your phone to your tablet and back!


Win games, move up the leaderboard

Winning games rewards you with cards, in-game coins, and points to move up the leaderboard. Time to warm up your trash-talking skills!

The latest stats

73 Brawls currently in progress

10,653 Total games played

109,986 Brawlers have been murderized

What peeps are saying

"You made a game? Oh... That's nice dear."

-Ken's Mom

"I like it when the guys fight, and kill the other guys, and then you're all 'Hey I Won!'. It's like a real game!"

-Random Youtuber

"The most addictive and rewarding timesink ever unleashed upon the internet!"

-Future Game Journalist

What are you waiting for??